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Xi Sets Out 2029 Vision At The Third Plenum

Executive Summary: Chinese Communist Party (CCP) General Secretary Xi Jinping has solidified his position as the driving force behind achieving a “high-quality socialist market economy” by 2029. The recent CCP Central Committee Plenum indicated that he would rule until at least 2032. The Third Plenary... MORE

China Increasing Its Military Presence in Tajikistan

Executive Summary: Reports show that China is building a “secret” military base in Tajikistan. Both Dushanbe and Beijing deny the reports, though China has been covertly expanding its military footprint in Tajikistan for over a decade. Some of the expansion has occurred in coordination with... MORE

Beijing Revives China–Kyrgyzstan–Uzbekistan Railway

Executive Summary: Beijing, Bishkek, and Tashkent signed a joint agreement in June to finance and begin constructing the oft-discussed China–Kyrgyzstan–Uzbekistan railway by October 2024. After many years of discussion, China finally pledged to finance over half of the project’s costs, and the parties appear to... MORE

Ant Group Expands Overseas But Still Hampered By The State

Executive Summary: Ant Group’s strategy since the fallout from its canceled IPO in 2020 and subsequent crackdown on the fintech sector has seen it seek opportunities while capturing projects within the People’s Republic of China (PRC) that are aligned with government priorities. Key markets for... MORE