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Gazprom to Reduce Gas Transit to Europe on Ukraine-Slovakia Route

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico and Gazprom Vice-President Aleksandr Medvedev have launched talks about creating a Slovak-Gazprom joint enterprise. They announced on January 23 in Bratislava that the proposed new entity would compete against SPP, a company that is owned jointly by the Slovak state... MORE

Medvedev and Yevkurov Meet Again, This Time in Moscow

President Dmitry Medvedev met with Ingushetia’s President Yunus-Bek Yevkurov in the Kremlin on January 28, a follow-up to the meeting they had in Magas on January 20 during the Russian president’s trip to Ingushetia (North Caucasus Weekly, January 23). Kavkazky Uzel reported that in the... MORE

FSB Accuses Zakaev of Organizing Armed Attacks in Chechnya

Itar-Tass and Interfax on January 27 quoted the public affairs center of the Federal Security Service (FSB) accusing Akhmed Zakaev, the London-based prime minister of the separatist Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (ChRI), of directing rebel attacks in Chechnya. The FSB told the news agency that... MORE

Russian Military Reform Delayed by Financial Crisis

Russia’s agenda for military reform, announced by Defense Minister Anatoliy Serdyukov in October 2008, is facing revisions and delays due to the global financial crisis. This has also affected the arms industry, as there are fewer customers for the purchase of military hardware, and has... MORE

Russia’s Eastern Siberian Oil Pipeline Becomes More Expensive

Russian officials have insisted that the construction of the Eastern Siberia Pacific Oil Pipeline (ESPO) remains on track despite growing costs, crisis-related concerns, and doubts about the project's economic viability amid falling crude prices. Russia's pipeline monopoly Transneft conceded that the ESPO project faced significant... MORE

Russia’s Sinking Economy and Wandering Politics

The high-intensity but low-yield gas war with Ukraine allowed the Russian leadership to engage in the bargaining and blackmailing that it thrives on. Now that Prime Ministers Vladimir Putin and Yulia Tymoshenko have struck a deal, which has left most observers puzzled about what the... MORE