Andrew Devereux

Andrew Devereux is an Associate Analyst in Counter-Terrorism at Healix International and HX Global, focusing on terrorist incidents, actors and the wider MENA region. He holds an MA in Global Security Studies, during which he focused on the impacts of the War on Terrorism and the geopolitical rationale behind US arms distribution. Prior to his work on counter-terrorism, Andrew worked as political and security threat analyst, focusing on the Americas

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    Articles by Andrew Devereux

    Beirut Port Blast Punctures Trust in Hezbollah

    The explosion in the Port of Beirut on August 4 caused domestic reverberations throughout Lebanon. With close to 200 people killed, over 6,000 wounded and damages estimated at over $15

    Operation Iraqi Heroes in Kirkuk

    On June 2, Iraqi forces launched the second phase of operation ‘Iraqi Heroes,’ a military operation aimed at clearing Islamic State (IS) remnants from areas of southwestern Kirkuk (Kurdistan24, June

    What’s Next for Hezbollah After Solemeini?

    The death of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander Qasem Soleimani has caused aftershocks in the Middle East and farther afield. His assassination was surprising, with U.S. forces taking advantage

    Jihadism in Jordan

    On August 10, one police officer was killed and six civilians were wounded in al-Fuheis, Jordan when an IED detonated near a police vehicle (Alaraby, August 11). The attack prompted