Eric Teo Chu Cheow

Dr Eric Teo Chu Cheow, a business consultant and strategist based in Singapore, is also Council Secretary of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA).

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    Sino-Singaporean Relations Back on Track

    Sino-Singaporean relations have entered a more complex and complicated phase of development, thanks to a new strategic dimension that has arisen in the Asia-Pacific. After the tumultuous feud of August


    Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao spent a substantial part of his post-National Peoples' Congress press conference on Sino-Japanese ties, offering an olive branch to Tokyo with his "three principles, three recommendations"

    New Challenges In The Election Season

    Although the Chinese leadership faces no electoral contenders, Beijing will soon have to deal with two uncertain but crucial elections in the next four months, the consequences of which could

    China As The Center Of Asian Economic Integration

    Increasingly, China is being perceived as the locomotive of Asia's economic growth and development, as its imports and trade deficits (with most Asian countries) are helping to fuel the economic