Evgeny Vodichev

Evgeny Vodichev is a science policy analyst, historian of science, and human geographer. He holds a doctorate in history from the Russian Academy of Sciences. Dr. Vodichev has been a visiting lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin; a visiting professor at Georgetown University; an IREX exchange scholar; short-term fellow at the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies; and a research fellow at the Institute of Asian Studies, Kolkata, India. He has also consulted on monitoring and evaluation projects for the European Commission in Brussels. Dr. Vodichev is currently a professor at Novosibirsk State Technical and Tomsk State National Research universities; and Chief Researcher and a Head of the Expert Team at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch. He has published 15 books (individual and co-authorship) and more than 200 papers released in Russia, the United States, Germany, India, Kazakhstan, and elsewhere.

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