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Fatima Tlisova is a Human Rights Fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Tlisova is an independent journalist from the North Caucasus. She has worked for ten years as a correspondent for a number of independent Russian papers as wells and international media, including the Associated Press, “Novaya Gazeta”, RFE/RL, BBC and has also served as chief of the North Caucasian bureau of the Russian news agency Regnum. Fatima is a regular writer for IWPR (London) and for the Jamestown Foundation (Washington DC). In her reports and analyses Tlisova has covered how Russian official policy has undermined human rights and exacerbated problems of the North Caucasus region. Fatima’s work has receiving the Rory Peck award and the German Zeit-Stiftung award for her professional and brave reporting on the conflict in the North Caucasus and her efforts to help fellow journalists.

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    Who’s Who in the KBR Jamaat

    Yesterday’s report about the killing of Ruslan Gidzhiev, a person that the Kremlin is portraying to the Western media as the "spiritual leader of the group Yarmuk," once again highlights