Doctrinal Ambiguities in Jihadism (Video Available)

Video Available

Introduction: Glen Howard President The Jamestown Foundation

Presenter: Stephen Ulph Senior Fellow The Jamestown Foundation 

The jihadist ideology of al-Qaeda has been under the spotlight lately, with criticisms leveled at its doctrinal propriety from influential figures in the movement. Is this evidence of ideological implosion? Can its doctrinal ambiguities be exploited? Or does the resilience of al-Qaeda and jihadism have stronger and broader roots? If the ideological front in the War on Terror is to get up to speed, counter-terrorism will have to resolve the ambiguities in its own perception of the threat.

Stephen Ulph is one of the preeminent analysts of the Islamic world, specializing in the economic and political developments of the Middle East and North Africa. He is the author of the forthcoming book Jihad on the Internet: The Virtual Battlefield. Mr. Ulph is the founder and editor of the Terrorism Security Monitor and editor and analyst of Islamic Affairs for Jane’s Information Group. He is a Senior Fellow with The Jamestown Foundation.


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