Watch The Video: Between Brussels And Beijing At The US Capitol

On March 7, the House Baltic Caucus hosted an event on China’s influence in the Baltic Sea region, organized by The Jamestown Foundation, the Baltic Security Foundation, and the Joint Baltic American National Committee.

Representative Don Bacon (R-NE), co-chair of the House Baltic Caucus, keynoted the event. This was followed by a panel discussion on China’s influence in the region, featuring The Jamestown Foundation President Glen Howard, Prague Security Studies Institute Chairman Roger W. Robinson Jr., human rights activist Dimon Liu, Baltic Security Foundation President Olevs Nikers, and was moderated by Otto Tabuns, Director of the Baltic Security Foundation. The organizers also introduced the newly published volume Between Brussels and Beijing: The Transatlantic Response to the Chinese Presence in the Baltic Sea Region.

The Nordic, Baltic and Central European states that border the Baltic Sea have been subject to persistent security threats that have pushed them to seek international solutions for maintaining peace and stability. Between Brussels and Beijing: The Transatlantic Response to the Chinese Presence in the Baltic Sea Region serves as a comprehensive analysis of China’s presence in the Baltic Sea littoral countries and subsequently related developments in the domains of education, finance and infrastructure. This publication is an aggregation of the project “China and the Baltic: Mapping a Transatlantic Response to Chinese Inroads in the Nordic-Baltic Region”, organized by the Baltic Security foundation, The Jamestown Foundation, and the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation. Despite the numerous publications and events dealing with this subject,  Between Brussels and Beijing aims to indicate the directions for further consideration and public conversations that will contribute to improved regional and transatlantic security.