Senior Fellow Olevs Nikers interviews with Accent News on Russia cancelling visa regime with Georgia

On May 12, Jamestown Senior Fellow Olevs Nikers offered his expert comments to Georgian outlet Accent News regarding Moscow’s reasoning for cancelling the visa regime with Georgia.

“The fact that Russia has cancelled [the] visa regime with Georgia is diplomatic nonsense – as [a] visa-free regime between both countries now can not be accepted by the Georgian government due to national security reasons. Diplomatically reciprocity is not an option in this situation, and Putin understand this very well. On the contrary, I would agree with the Georgian president that three-month visas for Russian citizens should be imposed along with very strict requirements introduced towards all visa applicants, Russian citizens. Georgian authorities should also monitor every Russia supported activity in Georgia and more closely observe Russian citizens. Travel to Russia should be limited for governmental officials if their professional work is related to critical infrastructure and national security. Also Georgian citizens who most frequently travel to Russia should be on the sight of the authorities.”