Jamestown Announces New Eurasia Daily Monitor Publication

Washington, DC — For Immediate Release

The Jamestown Foundation is proud to announce the launch of its new publication, the Eurasia Daily Monitor.

Previously known as the Monitor, the Eurasia Daily Monitor addresses the new strategic realities emerging in Eurasia. The publication’s inaugural issue will be dedicated to Jamestown founder and former president William Geimer, who passed away in December 2002. The Eurasia Daily Monitor will continue Geimer’s legacy by building upon Jamestown’s network of regional experts to expand its coverage of Central Asia, Afghanistan, Russia, and the Caucasus.

Jamestown Board member, Zbigniew Brzezinski described the release of the publication by noting that “it was the Jamestown Monitor that kept America informed about events in Russia, and without it the level of ignorant wishful thinking rose precipitously. Its return to active duty is hence a real public service.”

Analysts Vladimir Socor and Stephen Foye will rejoin a Jamestown team whose reputation has been built on bringing its readers unique information and insight based on the use of indigenous sources. Focusing on Eurasia’s evolving political and economic landscape, Eurasia Daily Monitor will address key issues affecting conflict and instability in Eurasia.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading this truly unique publication.

To subscribe to the Eurasia Daily Monitor, visit us at our website, https://www.jamestown.org, or email us at pubs@jamestown.org.

Founded in 1984, The Jamestown Foundation is an independent, non-partisan research institution dedicated to providing timely information concerning critical political and strategic developments in China, Russia, and Eurasia. Jamestown’s research and analysis is available to the public free-of-charge via Jamestown’s website, www.jamestown.org.