Publication: Terrorism Focus Volume: 1 Issue: 8

A posting on November 9 on a militant jihadist forum purporting to be from al-Qaeda warns that the movement “will not slacken in its striking of the Americans and the Crusaders in general right in their very midst, and their burrows, towers and habitations will avail them not…the New York towers still bear witness to that and stand silently from dread of the catastrophe and the magnitude of the deaths…”

“Even their skies and their earth are our target, and they shall learn that we in the al-Qaeda organization are preparing operations … now that they have refused our Shaykh [Usama]’s truce… and after he warned the American people in his last audio tape not to re-elect the vapid Bush … we say that this refusal justifies God’s wrath upon them, so let them wait for what is to come”.

“Finally we announce to the Islamic Nation that production and enrichment associated with nuclear or atomic manufacture is not the monopoly of the Crusaders or Westerners, or the world’s tyrants; we are making progress in our efforts to produce bombs small in volume but big in impact …”

Al-Qaeda Organization, 26/09/1425 (November 9, 2004)

The credibility of this statement has yet to be confirmed, although the signatory refers to himself as Abu Anas al-Maghribi of the Europe and America branch of al-Qaeda. (