Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 22

Boris Gromov, a general who now serves asmilitary advisor at the Russian Foreign Ministry, called for a completeRussian withdrawal from Chechnya and direct talks with Chechenpresident Dzhokhar Dudayev, Moscow radio reported May 30. Gromov saidMoscow had failed to learn the lessons of Afghanistan and that as aresult, Russian forces were suffering casualties at a higher rate thanthey did in the earlier conflict. Gromov put Russian army losses atmore than 1700 killed. Meanwhile, NATO foreign ministers called for “animmediate cease fire” and urged the parties to negotiate. They alsosaid that Russia should “facilitate the free passage of humanitarianassistance and the holding of elections.” Meanwhile, the InternationalOrganization for Migration, the only international agency now helpingChechen refugees, said that it might have to close its Chechenoperation in June unless more aid was forthcoming.

And again on May 30, there was no word on the fate of FredCuny, the American aid expert who has been missing in Chechnya sinceApril 9.

Earthquake Recovery Continues But Yeltsin Rejects Japanese Aid.