Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 93

The Office of the Georgian Public Prosecutor announced yesterday the completion of the pretrial investigation against former senior political and leader of the Mkhedrioni (Knights) paramilitary organization, Jaba Ioseliani; former head of the paramilitary Rescue Corps, Gia Gelashvili; and former deputy chief of Georgian State Security, Teimuraz Khachishvili. The three are accused of high treason and participation in terrorist actions, including the 29 August 1995 attempt on the life of President Eduard Shevardnadze. The chief organizer of that attempt, former state security chief Igor Giorgadze, has found a haven in Moscow. As in the case of Mutalibov (see item above), the Russian law enforcement authorities have consistently rejected Georgia’s requests for Giorgadze’s extradition for trial.

Tajik Authorities, Russian Military Challenged in Three Regions.