Like Russian democrat Galina Starovoitova, Armenia’s Deputy Minister of Defense Vahram Horkhoruni died outside his apartment, shot three times in the head.

The murder occurred in Yerevan the night of December 9. The perpetrators are unknown. Horkhoruni is said to have been in charge of military procurement, so business dealings rather than politics may have been a motive. He had earlier served in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Armenia has in recent years witnessed a series of high-profile murders linked to the shadow economy or political intrigue, and which remain unresolved to date. Senior officials killed between 1993 and 1998 include State Security Committee chief Major-General Marius Iuzbashian, Armenia Railroads Director-General Hambartsum Kandilian, Chamber of Trade President Ashot Sarkisian, Yerevan Mayor Hambartsum Galstian and (in May 1998) Prosecutor General Henrik Khachatrian.

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