Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 42

An arrest warrant was issued in Moscow yesterday for the former deputy mayor of Moscow, Sergei Stankevich. He is accused of accepting bribes in connection with a music festival staged in MoscowÕs Red Square in 1992, but an arrest warrant could not be issued earlier since Stankevich enjoyed immunity as a member of the former parliament. Stankevich is said to have been in hiding for two months, and may be in the USA; he could face 8-15 years in prison if found guilty. (3) In the heady days of perestroika, Stankevich was a leader of the Soviet democratic movement. Elected to parliament in the Soviet UnionÕs first partially free elections in 1989, he was a founder-member of the Interregional DeputiesÕ Group which included Andrei Sakharov and Boris Yeltsin.

Former Prosecutor General Under Arrest.