Publication: North Caucasus Weekly Volume: 4 Issue: 43

According to a November 24 report in Novye izvestia, assassination attempts were mounted on three different high ranking officials of the Kadyrov administration last weekend. All three were unsuccessful.

The highest ranking of the three targets was Sultan Satuev, deputy head of Kadyrov’s Internal Affairs Ministry. On November 23 a mine was detonated by remote control beside a road in Grozny’s Oktyabr district, just as Satuev’s car was passing. The explosion shattered the vehicle’s windows, but Satuev and his bodyguards suffered only minor wounds.

Col. Adlan Takaev, head of that same Oktyabr district in Grozny, was the object of a similar attack on November 22. He too escaped serious harm. On Friday evening, November 21, a car carrying the head of the Internal Affairs Ministry’s investigative directorate came under gunfire in Grozny’s Lenin district. His wounds were sufficiently serious to require hospitalization.

Sources in the security agencies told Novye izvestia that they consider all three attacks to be connected with each other.