Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 116

Addressing an official youth forum yesterday, Belarus president Aleksandr Lukashenko charged that "part of the teaching staff of universities and vocational colleges are conducting an active anti-presidential campaign and inciting students to participate in unauthorized rallies and demonstrations." Those teachers, Lukashenko said, are habitual bribe takers who resent the president for his measures to suppress bribery at entrance examinations. Lukashenko urged young people to resist the influence of such teachers and to form an officially approved youth organization. Presidential chief of staff Sergei Posokhov proffered similar accusations yesterday and also accused both the teaching staff of higher education establishments and the Popular Front of promoting "fascist ideas." (Interfax, June 17 & 18) The authorities are known to be concerned by the strong participation of students and other youth in the recent series of demonstrations against the Yeltsin-Lukashenko treaty establishing a Russia-Belarus Community.

Georgia Jittery after Lebed Statements.