OPTs-ROSH… Russia’s military struggles also with the press. Silencing Anna Politovskaya, correspondent for the tiny biweekly Novaya Gazeta, is a prime objective of “the press center of the regional operational staff of the management for counterterrorist operations on the territory of the North Caucasus regions,” the OPTs-ROSH. A year ago, Politovskaya was arrested after reporting on the notorious “filtration camps,” where Russian forces placed captives in cages and sold them back into freedom for ransom money. Last week she was back in Chechnya, investigating what she calls “the murder of six citizens of the Shatoi district” by Russian military intelligence. She subsequently “disappeared” (Kremlin version) or “fled” (Politkovskaya’s version), narrowly avoiding the detention that a cocksure Russian military command announced it had accomplished. Politovskaya, author of “A Dirty War” and a laureate of the Union of Journalists of Russia and the Overseas Press Club in New York, is now back in Moscow, telling her story on Ekho Moskvy radio. The OPTs-ROSH will try to pull her accreditation.