Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 13

Federation Council deputy Aman Tuleyev hasorganized an electoral bloc in Kemerovo, a region just outside of Moscow, tooppose the Yeltsin-backed blocs in the capital, Sovetskaya Rossiya said May16. The paper suggested that similar blocs were being created in otherregions as well. Nezavisimaya gazeta May 16 noted that communist and formercosmonaut German Titov’s election in Kolomna pointed to the strength of thecommunists even in single-member constituencies. And Dmitri Balakirev, aleading Russian political scientist pointed out in Kentavr (no. 2) thatVladimir Zhirinovsky’s nationalists were also well organized in theprovinces, the place where he said the elections may be decided. Balakirevsuggested that this organizational base could surprise those who believeZhirinovsky will not be a major force in the next elections.

Russian Fascist Groups Seen Growing.