Publication: North Caucasus Weekly Volume: 9 Issue: 36

Servicemen Killed and Wounded in Ingushetia and Chechnya

Three people were found dead in Ingushetia on September 22 while another two people were wounded and the republican Deputy Interior Minister’s official car was blown up in separate attacks in the republic later that day, RIA Novosti reported on September 23. Three men were found shot dead in Nazran by local residents. According to the news agency, two of the men were killed in a car by automatic weapon fire, while a third body was found on the ground near the vehicle. Separately, unidentified attackers fired a grenade at an Interior Ministry arms store in Nazran, injuring two servicemen, while two explosive devices were set off as the republican Deputy Interior Minister’s official vehicle passed. The official was not in the car and the driver was not injured. In neighboring Chechnya, unknown assailants fired automatic weapons and grenades at Interior Ministry troops near Grozny, wounding one of the servicemen. In a separate incident in the Chechen capital, explosive experts from the Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service (FSB) officers disarmed a homemade explosive device at a car repair shop. The bomb contained plastic explosive and nuts and bolts to increase its killing power, RIA Novosti reported.