Publication: North Caucasus Weekly Volume: 9 Issue: 30

Men and Women Will Swim Separately in Grozny

RIA Novosti, citing the press service of Chechnya’s president and government, reported on July 24 that before the summer bathing season ends, a beach will be opened on the Chernorechensky water reservoir in Grozny with separate areas for men and women. The news agency reported that on the orders of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, amelioration of the banks of a section of the Chernorechensky water reservoir is in progress. ”With due regard for our Islamic mentality, a beach where men and women will be able to spend leisure time separately will be opened after the completion of these works,” Itar-Tass quoted Grozny Mayor Muslim Khuchiev as saying.

Chechens Arrested in Norway for Violence at Asylum Center

Police in Norway detained five Chechens on July 25 suspected of involvement in an armed attack on Kurdish refugees at an asylum center that injured 23 people, Reuters reported. Officials gave no reason for the attack, which happened on July 24 the village of Vaaler, south of Oslo. But the Norwegian news agency NTB quoted Ole Morten Lyng, an official at the center, as saying that the attack was provoked by a “minor dispute” between Kurds and Chechens at the center. Local police said that five Chechen men, aged between 21 and 43, were detained for questioning over the attack. Lyng said that between 40 and 50 Chechens armed with steel bars and other weapons attacked the center.