Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 97

The first of the Duma’s three planned solidarity delegations has in recent days conferred with rump Yugoslavia’s top leaders in Belgrade and with Krajina Serb representatives in Eastern Slavonia, and then headed for meetings with Bosnian Serb leaders in Pale. The delegation, one of whose purposes is to collect information about alleged the "genocide" of Serbs, has refused to meet with Croatian or Bosnian Moslem representatives, but has fraternized with Serbs in the Croat city Vukovar, which was totally destroyed by Serb artillery and is still held by Serb forces. Delegation member Konstantin Zatulin, chairman of the Duma’s CIS Affairs Committee, announced that the group would proceed from Bosnia to Bulgaria to persuade the latter to open a corridor for Russian humanitarian cargoes to Serbia. (5) Russian humanitarian deliveries to rump Yugoslavia are being allowed to proceed under embargo rules which exempt such deliveries. A route via Bulgaria, apparently intended by its proponents to circumvent the internationally-controlled routes, can be misused for nonhumanitarian cargoes. One reason for concern on this score is that prior to the delegation’s departure, Zatulin proposed that Russia supply SAM missiles to the Serbs in response to NATO air raids.

Bloc Proposals Reminiscent of Cold War, 19th Century