Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 76

Several hundredRussian businessmen held a demonstration in front of Federal SecurityService headquarters in Moscow, Russian radio reported August16. The protest was organized by the Roundtable of Russian Businesswhose leader, Ivan Kivelidi, was killed earlier this month. Accordingto former Soviet finance minister and Kivelidi associate, VladimirShcherbakov, 46 Russian businessmen have been killed over thelast two years with 46 others having been wounded. None of theirkillers has been arrested. Shcherbakov charged that the policewere either ignorant or sympathetic to the murderers. He was particularlyangry about the recent comment of Russian prosecutor general AlekseiIlyushenko who said the bankers could protect themselves by "stoppingtheir own stealing."

1996 Budget Being Revised Even Before Submission.