Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 15

President Yeltsin’s warning to Kiev May17 that Ukraine would pay a price for turning toward the West, and away fromRussia, may be a threat that Moscow cannot carry through, Kommersant-dailysuggested May 18. The paper said Moscow could threaten to cut off gas, butthen Ukraine would only take gas out of pipelines to Europe crossing itsterritory; it could threaten to hold Kiev more responsible for its debts, butthat would bring a reaction from the IMF and World Bank; and it could simplyseize the Black Sea Fleet, but that would simply allow Ukraine to garner moreWestern support. Nevertheless, Moscow continues to press its case: the Dumaon May 17 established a special commission to monitor the upcoming referendain Crimea.

Rybkin Bloc Attracts Few Supporters.