Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 84

A Chechen detachment seized the police headquarters in the town of Argun April 27, only 15 kilometers from Grozny, making off with a large quantity of arms and equipment which they carted away in police cars. The detachment returned the next day to organize a pro-independence rally in the town. Russian and Chechen collaborationist authorities complained that Argun police submitted without resistance.

According to official Russian data, Chechen fighters also killed eight Russian soldiers in Grozny, seven of them on Tukhachevsky street in the Lenin district, and attacked a Russian military convoy near Shelkovskaya, killing three and wounding at least seven soldiers. All these attacks took place in areas supposedly controlled by Russian troops. They appear to substantiate Maskhadov’s remark that Russian forces actually control only the ground they are physically standing on. (Russian and Western agencies, NTV, April 26-29)

Russo-Japanese Military Talks.