Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 49

Talks between Moscow and the Chechenscontinued in Grozny with both sides claiming in a joint communiquethat the negotiations had made progress on the central politicalissue–the status of Chechnya–Itar-Tass reported July 10. Thehead of the Chechen delegation, Usman Imayev, was cheered whenhe told a crowd of Chechen demonstrators outside the OSCE officeswhere the talks are being held that things were going well. Onereason that the talks may be going well is that the Russian sideis now willing to discuss a variety of future statuses for theChechen republic, NTV reported July 9. Another is that Russianofficials have announced the arrest of three Russian soldiersfor the murder of two Chechens. Neither side provided any cleardetails on just what might have been agreed and what remains tobe discussed. The talks continued July 11. Despite this upbeatmood at the talks, violence continued throughout Grozny July 10and no word was forthcoming on the fate of Fred Cuny, the Americanaid worker who has been missing in Chechnya since April 9.

Constitutional Court Examines Chechen War Decrees.