Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 1

In the closing days of 1995, two Moscow-installed officials disclosed information on indiscriminate attacks by the Russian military against Chechen localities. First deputy prime minister of the Grozny government Sanaki Arbeyev said on television that at least 300 "peaceful civilians" had been killed during the recent Russian military assault on Gudermes and that the count was not final. The Russian military command has been dodging the issue.

The prefect of Vedeno district revealed, perhaps inadvertently, that Russian aircraft and artillery were bombarding three villages there suspected of harboring Chechen fighters. The official suggested that the population of the villages be evacuated "to avoid further casualties." His suggestion can only reinforce already existing Chechen concerns that the authorities may carry out or provoke population transfers in order to deny the resistance a base of support. (5) Meanwhile, five Russian soldiers were officially reported killed and 21 wounded during the period December 29-31. (6)

Russia to Restrict Textile Imports From EU.