Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 73

Twelve Russian soldierswere wounded in attacks by Chechen forces August 12 and 13, theRussian command reported. It also announced that it had broughtits troops in Chechnya to "full combat readiness". Accordingto Radio Mayak August 12, Moscow has sent to Chechnya fresh troopsof the Internal Affairs Ministry, including OMON detachments.

Russia’s nationalities minister and chief negotiator VyacheslavMikhailov, and Interior Affairs Minister Anatoly Kulikov accusedthe Chechen leaders of "violating virtually all provisionsof the military agreement." Chechen president Dzhokhar Dudayev’s new chief negotiator, Khozhakhmed Yarikhanov, retorted thatRussian forces were using the armistice in order to regroup andto launch a new general offensive, Russian media reported August11. Russia’s commander in chief in Chechnya, Lt. General AnatolyRomanov, told Ostankino TV August 11 that should the Chechenside continue to refuse compliance with the military agreement,Russia will break the talks and "use its force."

Chechnya: The Duma.