Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 73

With the military agreement and politicaltalks in Grozny apparently at a dead end, the Duma in Moscow againfocused its attention on Chechnya. Over the weekend, VladimirZhirinovsky renewed his proposal to split Chechnya into a lowlandregion under Russian Federation control and a highland regionto be treated as a "hostile foreign state". The Chairmanof the Duma’s investigative commission on Chechnya, StanislavGovorukhin, said that despite Russia’s military victory in Chechnya,"Dudayev has won a moral, political, and propagandistic victoryover Russia" and that Chechnya is now "facing the restorationof Dudayev’s regime." The Duma adopted a nonbinding resolutiondrafted by Govorukhin which called for suspending peace talkswith Chechen leaders, stopping federally-funded restoration workin Chechnya, and introducing martial law there.

Chechnya: Another Missing American.