Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 50

Russian forces in the last two days continued to suffer serious losses in combat against Chechen rearguard groups covering the withdrawal of the main Chechen force from Grozny. According to incomplete official figures, Russian forces lost 110 killed, 351 wounded, and 73 missing in the fighting in Grozny from March 6 through 11, but unofficial figures run higher. Chechen groups of up to eight fighters continued to deny the Russian forces control in three out of Grozny’s five districts. The large Lenin oil refinery and its reservoirs continued to burn yesterday in a part of Grozny beyond the Russian forces’ control. Russia’s military procuracy initiated criminal proceedings against an army unit which fraternized with the Chechen fighters and sold them a battle tank and an armored personnel carrier for a reported $6,000. Chechen military headquarters and representatives of Djohar Dudaev denied reports of field commander Salman Raduev’s death.

In western Chechnya, Russian media correspondents reported bribing their way through Russian patrols in Sernovodsk and finding the town completely destroyed by artillery fire the preceding day. (4)

Russian Communists Move to Denounce CIS Founding Documents.