Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 47

In an AFP interview released July 6, Shamil Basayev said thathe was ready to lead more terrorist attacks on Russia, but thatthis time he would use one or two fighters armed with nuclearor biological materials, rather than employ a large group of menas he had at Budennovsk. Russian prime minister Viktor Chernomyrdin’spress secretary Viktor Kononov dismissed this threat by sayingthat "if the first time, Basayev’s actions were a nationaltragedy, now his threats look like a farce." Kononov saidthat Basayev made these remarks to get attention and an invitationto participate in the peace talks. But the same day, Russian defenseminister Pavel Grachev announced that he had put 15,000 additionalRussian troops on Moscow’s streets to protect the city. In a swipeat his competitors in the security community, Grachev told Itar-Tassthat "I know the situation in the country and understandthat the interior bodies alone cannot ensure reliable protection"of key sites.

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