Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 149

Anatoly Chubais has taken over the third-floor Kremlin office previously occupied by Yeltsin’s aide Viktor Ilyushin, putting himself on the same floor as Yeltsin. He has assumed control over the president’s aides and set up a new analytical department. Its members include Georgy Satarov, Vasily Shakhnovsky, Vyacheslav Nikonov, Aleksandr Oslon, Sergei Zverev, Sergei Shakhrai and Yeltsin’s daughter, Tatyana Dyachenko. Oslon is a sociologist who formerly headed the Public Opinion Foundation, Russia’s second-largest polling firm. Dyachenko played a key role in Yeltsin’s reelection campaign, during which she and Chubais established a close working relationship. (Nezavisimaya gazeta, July 31) The team will concentrate on Russia’s upcoming regional elections, where the Kremlin is determined to ward off a strong showing by Communist candidates.

Azerbaijan Protests Russian Police Brutality.