Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 94

The new editors of Nezavisimaya gazeta said September 11 that the newspaper’s former editor-in-chief and founder, Vitaly Tretyakov, had illegally tried to occupy the paper’s premises and to prevent its publication under new management. They said that Tretyakov, who had been released from his duties by the paper’s journalists’ collective, had broken into his office, accompanied by armed guards. Last month, the newspaper’s new management had announced that it had resumed publication because it had found a new financial sponsor, one of whose conditions was Tretyakov’s removal as editor-in-chief. Tretyakov says that he has found his own sponsor, and insists that the paper will be published under his own editorship. As a result of the conflict between Tretyakov and the newspaper’s new management, the publication of Nezavisimaya gazeta has once again been suspended. (10)

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