Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 104

One of the leaders of the Congress of Russian Communities, the economist Sergei Glazyev, presented at a press conference in Moscow September 28 an anti-crisis economic program. It includes civilian conversion of some military industries, state guarantees for investment, and "a reasonable protectionism towards domestic producers and businesses." Glazyev said that this program is based on the movement’s platform developed mainly by its leader, former Security Council secretary Yuri Skokov.

That platform calls for the creation of "a new Russian national statehood" without which it is impossible to withstand "the global competition for strategic survival in the 21st century." The platform has as its motto: "Russians United." It claims that Russians as a people are on the brink of extinction and calls for measures to revitalize the nation. However, it envisages Russia as a multi-ethnic country, and regards ethnic diversity as a long-term strategic advantage for the country. The platform proposes to solve Russia’s ethnic problems by adhering to the principle, "Union of Peoples, Federation of Regions." In the economic area, the platform emphasizes self-reliance and the creation of "a market economy with a powerful state sector." (10)

Control of Military–A Priority on Women Legislators’ Agenda.