Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 115

. Ukraine’s parliament is facing yet another confrontation with the leadership of Crimea over key provisions of the "autonomous republic’s" proposed constitution.

The matter has gone back and forth between Kiev and Simferopol since earlier this year, when the Ukrainian legislature voted to reject the first version. However, by all accounts the working document now under discussion in Crimea’s parliament is exactly the same as the rejected version, with one exception: it no longer provides for a Crimean presidency. Otherwise, key provisions which the Kiev legislators deemed unacceptable remain intact. These include the removal of the "autonomous" designation; the introduction of a Crimean citizenship; Crimean ownership and control of Sevastopol and all natural resources; and local jurisdiction over local MVD appointments. (13)

The current version was approved by Crimean lawmakers at the end of September, but it has since run into opposition from the large "Russia-Unity" faction, which insists on the re-establishment of a presidency. Yuri Meshkov, the last person to hold the title of Crimean president, reportedly has moved to Russia but remains active in Crimean affairs, possibly hoping for an eventual comeback.

Georgian Defense Minister for Russian-Led Military Bloc.