Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 66

The Chechen Defense Committee,under the chairmanship of President Dzhokhar Dudayev, approvedthe recent military agreements with the Russian Federation, andthe two sides agreed to exchange prisoners August 2. Moreover,Chechens began turning in some arms, often via local mosques,even as Russian military sources told Moscow media that the Chechenshad more arms than they had two weeks ago. The standoff betweenChechens and the Russian army continued in Daghestan for anotherday, but political talks resumed in Grozny without any specificagenda. Both to demonstrate his return to health, and to takesome of the credit for the Grozny accords, Russian president BorisYeltsin will give a televised address August 3, Russian mediareported. But again, on August 2 there was no word on the fateof Fred Cuny, the American aid specialist who has been missingin the region since April 9. Both to demonstrate his return tohealth and to take some of the credit for the Grozny accords,Russian president Boris Yeltsin will give a televised addressAugust 3, Russian media reported.

Chechens Being Expelled from Russian Regions.