Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 112

Zorin’s and Shirko’s statements came on the heels of Dzhokhar Dudayev’s announcement on Wednesday that his side was suspending the military agreements and negotiations until the arrival of international observers and UN security forces in Chechnya. Zorin stressed that while Russia’s strategy will not change, its tactics will have to be altered in light of Dudayev’s new approach. In addition, the Chechens have suspended working consultations with the Russians and are asking that the OSCE, UN and Council of Europe act as guarantors of the military accords. For their part, the Chechens contend that Russia was first to violate the accords and are demanding punishment for the perpetrators of Sunday’s attacks on Chechen villages that reportedly left 40 people dead. However Dudayev’s side may have trouble convincing outside representatives even to remain in the republic. On Wednesday it was reported that two of the six OSCE representatives in Chechnya had fled the country due to "concrete threats to their lives." Only two or three members of that mission might stay in Chechnya, according to OSCE sources. (8)

Chechens Threaten Another Budennovsk.