Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 14

The Duma January 19 organized 28 parliamentary committees, five more than existed in the previous Duma. Committee chairs were elected by a process of horsetrading which saw Yabloko work with the communists to ensure that Yabloko deputies received key positions. Communists will chair nine committees; "Russia is Our Home", the Liberal Democrats, and Yabloko, four each. The remaining seven committees will be headed by deputies from smaller parliamentary factions: "Popular Rule" will head three, and the Agrarians and Regions of Russia, two apiece. (15)

The full committee list follows. Communist party: Legislative Affairs — Anatoly Lukyanov; Security — Viktor Ilyukhin; Veterans’ Affairs — Valentin Varennikov; Science and Education — Ivan Melnikov; Women’s Affairs — Alevtina Aparina; Economic Policy — Yuri Maslyukov; Federation and Regional Policy — Leonid Ivanchenko; Public Associations and Religious Organizations — Viktor Zorkaltsev; Tourism and Sports — Aleksandr Sokolov. "Russia is Our Home": Nationalities — Vladimir Zorin; Defense — Lev Rokhlin; Local Government — Andrei Polyakov; Property and Privatization — Pavel Bunich. Liberal Democrats: Labor and Social Support — Sergei Kalashnikov; Industry — Vladimir Gusev; Information Policy and Communications — Oleg Finko; Geopolitics — Alexei Mitrofanov. Yabloko: Budget — Mikhail Zadornov; International Affairs — Vladimir Lukin; Natural Resources — Aleksei Mikhailov; Ecology — Tamara Zlotnikova. "Popular Rule:" CIS affairs — Vladimir Tikhonov; Culture — Stanislav Govorukhin; Conversion — Georgi Kostin. Agrarians: Agriculture — Aleksei Chernyshev; Regulation and Organization of Duma Activities — Dmitri Krasnikov. The Health Care and Problems of Northern Regions committees were assigned to the Regions of Russia faction, but the latter objected to its quota and refused to nominate candidates. Those committees presently lack chairpersons.

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