Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 77

Members of the Cuny family told a Moscowpress conference August 17 that they had concluded that Fred Cuny,the American aid specialist who had been missing in Chechnya sinceApril 9, was dead. They said that Russian intelligence operativeshad spread the word to several Chechen units that Cuny was workingfor American intelligence agencies and was anti-Islamic and thatone of these Chechen units executed Cuny and his companions inApril. The family left no doubt that they put the blame on theRussian side for Cuny’s death; significantly, Russian televisionreported only that the family had said that a Chechen unit hadkilled Fred Cuny. (The complete text of the family’s statementis included in this week’s Prism.)

Chechens Continue to Turn in Arms.