Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 70

Zyuganov also gave some fresh details of the shadow "Government of Popular Confidence" which will take power if Zyuganov is elected in June. It will include Communist Duma deputies Svetlana Goryacheva and Viktor Ilyukhin, Russian nationalist deputy Sergei Baburin, and the Communists’ candidate for the post of human rights commissioner, Vladimir Isakov, who belongs to the Agrarian Party. Zyuganov hinted he would not rule out a non-Communist prime minister, fanning speculation that the post might be offered to Grigory Yavlinsky (who has said he would not take it). Zyuganov did not mention rumors that Viktor Anpilov, leader of the extremist Working Russia movement, might be put in charge of Russian Television.

Zyuganov said his party was drafting a law on the transfer of power which will rule out a repetition of the way in which Boris Yeltsin locked Mikhail Gorbachev out of his Kremlin office the day after Gorbachev resigned as Soviet president. While the Communists are known to favor abolishing the presidency altogether, they have tacitly acknowledged that they will keep it at least for a while and that the post of vice-president, abolished by Yeltsin, may be revived. Kemerovo legislature leader Aman Tuleev and 1991 coup plotter Anatoly Lukyanov are the hot favorites for the vice-president’s post.