Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 61

One of the three Gagauz"republican guard" units has refused to turn over itsweapons to Moldovan authorities as required by the agreement settingup an autonomous Gagauzia within Moldova. This recalcitrant groupearlier has attacked Moldovan officials in the region. In additionto the weapons this group possesses, other Gagauz reportedly stillhave at least 500 submachine guns. Moldovan prime minister AndreiSangheli told the Gagauz authorities in Comrat that Chisinau willrely on persuasion rather than force to recover the arms, Basapressand Flux reported July 25 and 26. Moldova´s parliament lastweek gave residents until August 27 to voluntarily surrender unauthorizedweapons and ammunition.

Moscow Presses Georgia to Federalize.