Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 125

Russia’s Internal Affairs Minister Col. General Anatoly Kulikov has ordered a search for Georgia’s former State Security chief Igor Georgadze and two associates, as per the Russian Prosecutor General’s warrant issued at Georgia’s request, a senior Ministry official said yesterday. But even if Georgadze is found, the Prosecutor General will require "exhaustive evidence of his guilt" to decide on a possible extradition to Georgia, the senior official said. Georgia’s Prosecutor General last week resubmitted the apprehension and extradition request to his new Russian counterpart Yuri Skuratov who has just been appointed by Boris Yeltsin to that post. (13)

Georgadze, wanted by Tbilisi for his role in the August 29 assassination attempt against Shevardnadze and in other terrorist acts, has found a haven in Moscow and has given resounding media interviews without hiding his whereabouts. Russia’s Prosecutor General issued an arrest warrant against him but it was openly defied by the Internal Affairs Ministry. At last week’s conference of the CIS countries’ Internal Affairs ministries in Yerevan, Kulikov promised his Georgian counterpart Shota Kviraya to search for Georgadze. But the latter should have had ample opportunity to abscond by now.

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