Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 123

Snegur has compounded the violation of the constitution by issuing a series of 10 orders, the latest on June 21, under which he personally takes over virtually all of the defense minister’s functions. The constitution provides for "direct presidential command" of the armed forces only in case of war or a national emergency and with parliamentary approval. The government of Andrei Sangheli this week appealed to the Constitutional Court for a verdict on Snegur’s takeover of the minister’s authority. (Basapress, Flux, June 24 through 27) Despite the clear-cut nature of the case, the verdict is far from certain because the president’s political supporters control three of the Court’s seven votes. The verdict which overruled Snegur’s March dismissal of Creanga was a 4-3 cliffhanger. Creanga, whom Snegur personally chose as defense minister back in 1992, was close to the president ever since, but recently disappointed Snegur by refusing to guarantee the army’s support for his reelection. The president feels that he needs a controlled election in order to win.

Armenia Schedules Presidential Election.