Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 41

Among the many Russians whohave not received a paycheck recently are Col. Gen. Boris Gromovand his staff, Kommersant-Daily reported June 27. Gromov,a deputy defense minister who is serving as a military advisorat the foreign ministry, appealed to Yeltsin to pay him and hisstaff. Apparently officials at both the defense ministry and theforeign ministry have each decided that the other is responsiblefor paying the controversial general. Other government workerswill soon be losing their paychecks: the Yeltsin government hasdecided to reduce the number of government employees by 10 percentin the coming year, Rossiiskie vesti said June 27. A muchlarger non-payments problem afflicts Russian industry. Non-paymentsby one enterprise to another, by the government to enterprises,and by banks to enterprises now total more than $60 billion, afigure that is dragging many firms down, Delovoi express(no. 23) reported.