Ingush Interior Minister’s Bodyguard Reportedly Charged in Yevloev Killing

Publication: North Caucasus Weekly Volume: 9 Issue: 38

RIA Novosti on October 8 quoted Musa Pliev, a lawyer for the family of slain Ingush opposition website founder Magomed Yevloev as saying that the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ingushetia had charged Ibragim Yevloev, the head of security for Ingush Interior Minister Musa Medov, with manslaughter in connection with Magomed Yevloev’s death. Interfax on October 8 quoted another lawyer for the relatives of Magomed Yevloev, Kaloi Akhilgov, as saying that Ibragim Yevloev had been charged under Article 109 of Russia’s Criminal Code: “inflicting death by negligence.”

Magomed Yevloev, who founded the website, died August 31 from a gunshot wound sustained while in police custody (North Caucasus Weekly, September 5). Following Yevloev’s death, the website’s address was changed to

On October 6, the main directorate of the Investigative Committee for the Southern Federal District announced it had completed its investigation into Yevloev’s death and concluded that he was killed by an accidental shot from a pistol belonging to one of the policeman who had detained him. noted on October 8 that the name of the policeman who “accidentally” shot Yevloev has not been made public out of fear that he will be the target of a revenge attack, although the policeman in question would appear to be Ibragim Yevloev, the head of security for Ingush Interior Minister Musa Medov.

The Associated Press (AP) on October 8 quoted Pliev as predicting in an interview with Ekho Moskvy radio that that the bodyguard to Ingushetia’s Interior Minister charged with Magomed Yevloev’s death would get a suspended sentence. In his interview with the radio station, Pliev did not name the guard, AP reported. on October 8 quoted Kaloi Akhilgov, the other family lawyer, as saying that investigators had failed to question two people who were in the police car with Magomed Yevloev at the time of his death. He also said that Yevloev’s wife had not been interviewed by investigators. on October 8 quoted Pliev as reiterating the claim of Magomed Yevloev’s relatives and associates that he was killed deliberately by police while in custody. He also said that investigators had carried out their investigation into the shooting in a manner designed to hide the identity of those who ordered Yevloev’s killing. At the same time, Pliev said he did not plan to challenge the results of the probe and the upcoming trial because, in his view, the court will render the verdict ordered by the Ingush authorities. Instead, Pliev said an appeal will be filed with the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France. The Ingush opposition, meanwhile, plans to hold protests over what they see as a biased investigation into Yevloev’s death.