Publication: North Caucasus Weekly Volume: 3 Issue: 18

The June 12 issue of the mass circulation weekly, Argumenty i Fakty contains an interview with the newly elected president of Ingushetia, retired FSB General Murat Zyazikov. “According to the data of the Government of Russia,” Zyazikov affirmed, “they are prepared to receive many [Chechen] refugees in Chechnya right now. For this, 8,000 well-constructed small homes have been built for their temporary dwelling. There are people, including persons abroad, who want to depict me as a truculent general, a kind of evil monster from the special services. It won’t work. We are friends and will be friends with Chechnya. They are citizens of Russia.” Zyazikov reported that he and his associates have counted 137,000 Chechen IDPs presently living in Ingushetia.