Publication: Monitor Volume: 2 Issue: 44

Some of the Russian military’s latest measures in the North Caucasus have rekindled fears that the Chechnya war may spread to nearby republics and provoke interethnic conflicts. Units of North Ossetia’s Internal Affairs Ministry have joined Russian border troops in guarding Chechnya’s and Ingushetia’s administrative borders with North Ossetia. A Russian artillery battalion deployed on North Ossetian territory has in recent days shelled Ingushetia. In the Adygei republic, the local 131st motorized infantry brigade has been ordered by Russia’s Defense Ministry to a combat mission in Chechnya. The Adygei State Council has appealed to Russia’s president, Federal Assembly, prime minister, and defense minister to cancel the order. Adygei republic president Aslan Djarimov has appealed to Boris Yeltsin to initiate direct negotiations involving himself or prime minister Viktor Chernomyrdin and Doku Zavgaev with Djohar Dudaev as "the only way to end the war." (7)

Primakov Makes no Headway in Slovakia.