Jihadi Terms and Terminology

Publication: Terrorism Focus Volume: 2 Issue: 10

Al-Haras al-Watani – ‘The Pagan Guard’

Opprobrious term for al-Haras al-Watani. Lit. ‘The National Guard’, used by jihadis with reference to the Iraqi forces trained by the US.

Al-Isha’at wal-Di’aya – ‘Rumors and Propaganda’

Al-Qaeda military training manuals have given ample space to the strategic role of misinformation. Commander Seif al-‘Adil included a chapter on the art in the online journal Mu’askar al-Battar (Vol 8, pp.37-42) where he claims to give evidence of its use in the Qur’an as a legitimizing factor for its use by the mujahideen.

Al-Qa’ideen – ‘The Sedentary Ones’

Not, as first apparent, an adjective referring to al-Qaeda members, but an opprobrious term for ‘armchair mujahideen’, or those who recoil from taking up arms. They are the object of an extended address by Sultan bin Bjad al-Otaybi one of the most wanted list killed at the end of December 2004 following armed clashed in Riyadh. He lays out in detail the justification of jihad and the condemnation of those who shirk in their duty.