Publication: Monitor Volume: 3 Issue: 215

Aleksandr Minkin, the investigative journalist who broke the story of the $450,000 royalty advance that led President Yeltsin to sack three top officials over the weekend, says he will reveal a new scandal in this week’s issue of his paper that will put his previous reporting in the shade. (Ekho Moskvy, November 12) It was Minkin who uncovered the story of the quarter of a million dollars allegedly made by Anatoly Chubais by speculating in government bonds when he was a cabinet minister in 1995. Minkin also revealed the $100,000 royalty advance that cost Aleksandr Kokh his job as federal privatization chief in August. In this week’s issue of Novaya gazeta, Minkin says, "I will write about more serious things… About the way [Chubais] cheated the whole world out of several billion dollars… I would have published the story in the last issue, but it is so complicated that much work is needed to explain it all to the readers." If Minkin lives up to his threat, Chubais could yet lose his job.

Two Arrested in Connection with Manevich Murder.