Publication: Monitor Volume: 1 Issue: 92

The Karabakh republic’s government has appointed a head of administration of the Kashatak district, renamed the Lachin raion, which is the part of Azerbaijan which, before it was captured, separated Karabakh from Armenia. The appointment formalizes Karabakh’s incorporation of Lachin at the same time as Azerbaijan is demanding its return as a precondition to progress at the negotiations. Less than 15 kilometers at its narrowest, the Lachin corridor provides a vital overland link between Karabakh and Armenia. Lachin’s population is partially Kurdish–a circumstance which favors Karabakh/Armenian control since Kurds tend to sympathize with Armenians against Azerbaijan and Turkey. Some official circles in Moscow have encouraged the activities of anti-Turkish groups among Transcaucasus Kurds. (11)

Georgia to Introduce National Currency This Month.